Forced re-draw

Hello, Dorico users. I’ve got a score. I spent quite a bit of time on the layout in Engrave mode, so it was all beautifully laid out. But I forgot a couple of slurs. And I want to split a few beams. But every time I do so, Dorico automatically redraws the score back to the default layout.
Does anyone know how I can switch this auto redraw off?

You can’t switch off Dorico’s automatic redrawing. What you can do is localise it, so that only a system or a page is affected:
Select a note on the page you want to alter, then, in Engrave mode, click Lock Frame - it’s at the top of the left panel in Graphical Editing mode.
That will add System Breaks and Frame Breaks to that page

Thanks Leo, but my page already has System and Frame Breaks added.
Dorico team, it would be useful if the re-draw function could be suspended/switched off.

Is the Frame Break at the top of page 1 set to wait for the next Frame Break, and is there a Frame Break at the top of page 2? (For page 1 substitute the page that actually needs altering, and for page 2 substitute the page immediately after the one that needs altering).

Is your score particularly tight or compact? I can’t imagine why adding a slur would cause your layout to change unless there was (in Dorico’s mind anyway) absolutely no room for the slur and thus it needed to change things for [vertical] space. Speaking for myself, I’ve never had Dorico move things on me if I had frame and system breaks set.

Yes, I’d be very interested to see a screenshot, if not sample project file, of this.