Forced whole rest in percussion part

Wanting to display a whole rest for the down-stem voice

whole rest

Invoke the caret in that bar at the appropriate instrument (line), shift-b, rest, enter.

Doesn’t work. It advances the caret to the next beat, but doesn’t leave a visible rest.

I don’t think this is possible, I’m afraid.

weeps openly

You’ll have to employ a cunning workaround, such as adding a whole rest symbol as a text item. I know it’s a bore.

I’m glad there’s a workaround – I need this for 4 bars in succession sometimes. Thank you for the explanation.

Is there a tutorial or response somewhere that tells exactly how to do this in this situation? I’m afraid I’m a bit challenged when it comes to using music symbols as text items, and placing them so that the rest will show in the bottom space, in the middle of the bar.

No, there’s no tutorial, but hopefully it’s not too hard. Create a Shift+X text item, right-click and choose Insert Music Text from the context menu, then find the bar rest symbol in the dialog. Once you’ve created the text item, select it and deactivate the Avoid collisions property in the Properties panel so you can move it freely, and then nudge it into place in Engrave mode.

Thank you! That was a lot easier than I expected, and that dialog box is a delightful discovery.