Forcing playback velocities of a specific articulation

I have a mandolin VST and am able to use the various articulations. The one issue is that the tremolo is generally too soft so I want to be able to use a different dynamic curve when tremolo is played (or at least to have a ‘floor’ velocity just for tremolos).

I imagine there’s an easy way to make this happen…appreciate any suggestions!

You can restrict the range (velocity and/or CC) for each switch/articulation in the Xmap… Instead of 1-127 try e.g. 35-88…

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Do you mean in the “volume dynamic” section? My impression is that this filters the incoming velocities and not the outgoing ones. Am I mistaken? Or is there another place to do this?


I’m not sure I follow the bit about incoming… :thinking: In my experience the Expression Map is just a one way interpreter between the notation and the endpoint (VST), It generates data, it’s not interpreting them…

Finally figured this out. Your answer fratveno (which was also what I initially tried) was correct. The trick was to make the VST louder and limit the upper end of the velocity on the louder articulations and not the low limit on the soft articulations. Basically, the tremolo in the VST i am using is just too weak to cut through - so i needed to limit the volume on the other articulations and make the whole VST louder.

Thanks for your input!