Forcing Player Group Label/Bracket to Show

First, I want to say - I love the player group label feature. It’s incredibly useful and is so much easier than implementing this in any other program/fashion.

One question, though - is there any way to force the player group label to show the full group name and include a bracket, regardless of the number of instruments in that group? I have a situation (probably not uncommon) where one instrument is offstage. If I set the short group name to “OFFSTAGE” then nothing shows; an abbreviation such as “OFF” is short enough that the text shows, but the bracket doesn’t (see photo).

Luckily, in this score there is plenty of vertical space to show the full word and bracket whenever this occurs, but I can’t see a way to tell Dorico to show it.


No, I’m afraid not: Dorico always limits the height of the overall player group label (including both the text label and the bracket) to the top staff line of the first staff in the group and the bottom staff line of the last – which in this case is the same staff.