Formant Doesn't work

I tried the Standard, Pro and Efficient, but still there’s no change in formant after I press the apply button.
I guess you have to fix it in the next update

Im using iPad 7th Gen running iOS 15.7

Hi @jimcuyam_123,

Thank for your message.

“Formant Shift” and “Formant Order” are additional options when using real-time pitch-shifting, only available for the Pro algorithm.

Changes will be audible after pressing the “Apply” button.

  • Formant Shift: Formant correction are only available for the Pro algorithm, where Cubasis automatically sets the formant shift to the current transposition pitch factor (for example factor 2.0 if transposition is set to +1 octave). Changing the shift can yield interesting effects, but usually the default shift is the desired one for vocals.

  • Formant Order: The formant order sets the order of the spectral envelope estimation. The default is set to 128 which works fine for most material. For high pitched material the order should be lowered, and vice versa for low pitched material it should be raised.

Hope that helps!


:-1: i said, not working in Pro too(Pro Algorithm)

Hi @jimcuyam_123,

Did you first make changes of the cents/semitones/octaves parameter, before using the formant correction options (which are additional tweaking options)?

Should work as expected afterwards…