hi !

can someone please tell me how to get dorico to stop doing this to my empty bars ?

thank you !

When you remove rests, Dorico has nothing to use for calculating spacing.

If you never want to see bar rests in empty bars, in this layout, see here for a one-stop-quick-fix (although in your project, you’ll need to restore the rests by finding the last note/rest before the empty section, and deactivating Ends voice in the Properties panel)

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hi, lillie . . .

thanks ! i must have removed the bar rests by mistake . . . how can i rectify that ?



oops . . . i just reread your note . . . gonna try your suggestion . . . my apologies for not paying closer attention :flushed:

hi again, lillie . . .

i tried your suggestion but it didn’t help !
Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 1.57.37 PM|690x431
what am i missing ?

thanks !


Invoke the caret at the start of the 2nd time, shift-B, rest, enter. Does it solve it?

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Try the same procedure on the semibreve / whole note in that bar. Or, post the project here – it’s hard to determine this stuff definitively from screenshots alone.

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