Forming a chord from 3 independent voices

I’ve got v3 independent voices forming a chord, but the lowest note appears aside the other notes (see PNG attached)
Is there a possibility to let them look like a normal chord?


Switch to Engrave mode, select the three notes (either separately or together) and set their Voice Column Index property to 0.

Alternatively (I’m assuming this is treble clef), delete the G, untie the B, add the G to the same voice as the B (using Quord mode or Shift-I or by playing a third on your MIDI keyboard), then retie the B.

:“Quord mode” - funny.

An easy way to remember the SHIFT+Q shortcut.

SHIFT+Q is the shortcut for entering chord symbols…

I didn’t say Shift, though.
Q is chord mode
Shift+Q is chord symbols.

You didn’t say it, but Derrek did…
THX a lot!
Yours Peter

The point that spelling chord with a Q is not random remains valid.

The Quire sings a quord.

Sounds like a convincing agreement for quartal harmony.