Forum activation and product pricing


I’m really enjoying my new Cubase 6 - fabulous. Seems to be quite stable and have had no major problems so far. I wonder when the first update patch will be though!!
Secondly, I’m a HALion 2 user, but I can’t seem to access the HALion Forum pages - or at least I can’t create a new post there, even though I’m a customer. Why’s that?

Lastly - product pricing. I like HALion Sonic a lot. The SE version in C6 is amazing, but according to the website, it costs US$249 (excl VAT). So that is GBP155 at today’s exchange rate (excl VAT) - now stick on 20% VAT, and that comes to GBP186.75.
So why does “MySteinberg” show it’ll cost me GBP211…? :angry:


Direct your questions to the correct forum:

Or read this

Brains appears to be a ‘party line’ guy.

For some strange reason, in the Store the Halion Sonic upgrade for C6 is found under “Accessories,” not Upgrades or some other logical heading. Must be a German to English or a Japanese to German to English thing.

The price US is $199, not $249. Check it out.


How about you tell this to one of the Moderators?

As I recall it was said that due to the forum being regulated, they can now communicate with people (global) directly in addition to emailing.