Forum connection issue… [solved]

Hi all,

An increasingly irritating issue is occuring more and more often, coming from nowhere, since several weeks. While browsing different topics in Cubase sub-forum, suddenly, I get this :

It happened four times in twenty minutes, just about an hour ago. So, I decided to do a topic about it, as it is going on my nerves and cripples my forum experience. FWIW, I am using Firefox 108.0.1 (64 bits), a not up-to-date but very recent version and I have no other internet connection issues whatsoever, using my ADSL SFR box with my desktop system.

Additionaly, and as I was creating this topic, I got a problem when attempting to choose the forum related tag, which isn’t available as an option, though being so and working, when browsing this sub-forum :

Just wondering why the difference. :thinking:

Thanks for any assistance…

That’s very strange and I don’t have much to offer except that I just noticed that Firefox 109.0 is out so maybe try upgrading and see if that helps?

Done !
Let’s see how things go with an up-to-date Firefox…

No joy : three “log out” in ten minutes… :roll_eyes:

Additionaly, and as often, I also got this message after having click on Refresh :

Really would like to know what’s going on… :thinking:

  • Are you using a VPN? Try disabling if so.
  • In Firefox try disabling the Enhanced Tracking Protection for (click the shield in the address bar and toggle enhanced protection while you’re on the forum site)
  • In Windows, go to Settings > Network and Internet and run the Network Troubleshooter
  • Try logging off and logging back in
  • In Firefox click the lock icon in the address bar and Clear cookies and site data while on the forum site

That is just about everything I can think of. Good luck

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@SF_Green, thanks for the suggestions. So :

  • no VPN used,
  • Just disabled the Enhanced Tracking Protection : let’s see how things go…
  • Network Troubleshooter : no problem, it sems…


  • About logging in and out, I already had to do so several times : the solution isn’t there.
  • About Clearing the cookies and data option, it seems that the site doesn’t keep informations on my system, from which, this option is greyed out.

Beside this, maybe I found the actual culprit : I’ll wait a little more to be sure of it and post back the solution. Thanks again for the help… :slightly_smiling_face:

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De rein. De rien!

Of kidney!

I know I have heard of steak and kidney pie, hm… :thinking: sounds like it could be a well wishing expression.

De toute de façon. j’espere qu’il soit le “bienvenue”

@SF_Green I apologize for my “dad joke” humor. I understand you meant de rien.

@cubic13 another thing that affects this is 3rd party cookies, and some “fingerprinting” avoidance prefs.

You could maybe test this in Edge in a new profile with zero protections turned on.

Websites themselves can set the expiration of a cookie, but I don’t think does that (or it’s a very long term to expiration).

Yeah, I think there may have been some #$%^ autocorrect action there. Or at least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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Ok, I can now give the actual explanation : I am using a Firefox add-on, NoScript. It allows you to select and reject any cookie/elements working in the background while browsing an internet site. The issue was that I had the one set as Not reliable, blocking its work. I guess that Steinberg forums rely on this one to work as expected : I unblocked it two days ago and no more logout has occured, since.

So, you were close to the solution… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I used NoScript for many years on FireFox and still do on my phone, but I switched to uMatrix which gives even more control and granularity than NoScript. Here’s the listing for this page:


Usercentrics is for cookie consent law compliance, particularly in Europe, where Steinberg is based. So apparently if you aren’t letting it know you consent with the cookie policy it gives you the boot after a few minutes.

Glad you got it sorted.

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