forum etiquette question

If one has a question that is closely related to an existing thread, is it bad form to post a new question? I worry that if a thread is already played out, a new question may not be noticed.

For example, I just posted a question about hiding lyric translations in the score. I could have posted this to the conversation about hiding fingerings and bowings in the score.


I would say start a new thread. If your question doesn’t match the title of the old thread, some people might never read it. And it’s not polite to hijack a thread by changing the topic if people are still posting comments about the original question.

You can include a link to the other thread if you think it is relevant.

It’s fine to post a new question in an old thread, because the thread will show as unread and will bubble back up to the top of the thread list. But it’s equally fine to link to an old thread and start a new one if you wish. I or another moderator sometimes choose to merge or split threads anyway, so there’s no hard or fast rule, I think.