Forum hicup?

Looks like we’ve been restored from a backup, anyone know what happened?

See announcements :wink:
Power failure at their host which lead to half the forum content disappearing, so Steinberg decided to take down the forums entirely untill the fix was out.

Doh! Who would think of looking there eh!
Thanks. No generator at the hosting place… not cool!

Bear in mind that Germany is in the process of shutting down their nuclear power plants.
Some minor inconveniences might come along with that… :bulb:


Minor panic for a while as it seemed my forum subscriptions had vanished.

Hopefully they are not burning coal instead!

22% is a big gap to fill…

Coal - 46 percent (of which 24 is domestic brown coal and 22 is mainly imported hard coal)
Nuclear - 22 percent*
Gas - 12 percent
Renewables - 14 percent of which:

Wind - 3 percent
Water - 7 percent
Biomass - 4 percent
Photovolataic - 0.5 percent
Others - 6 percent

  • The share of nuclear in 2007 dropped to 22 percent of the total from 27 percent a year earlier, due to repair outages at several large units

A good indication of how the world needs to change and embrace alternatives. But that’s a discussion for somewhere other than here!

I used to listen to YamStein everyday. I really liked their song called Du Hast ! :laughing:


Still seems a bit flakey…

I dont know. I have never seen Steinbergs machine room from the inside…

It does the regular timing out still, other than that all is well for me.