Forum problem

Greetings to all, I can’t upload images with Safari, I’m on Ventura. Do you have any suggestions?

Can you just paste in a capture screen image?

Can you describe in more detail what you have tried, Pasquale? You should be able to either paste in an image that you have on your clipboard, or drag in an image file into the area where you type your message.

In this answer I have attached two images, but as you can see they are not there.
[Caricamento: Screenshot 2023-01-29 alle 11.24.49.png… F()
[Caricamento: Screenshot 2023-01-28 alle 17.48.56.png… F()

Are you aware of this?

Pasquale is basic, thus he should be able to upload images…

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I’ve had no problems with Safari and Ventura. (I usually drag the screenshots directly into the window.) But have you tried another browser?

I recommend Vivaldi as a ‘backup’, to test if it’s a problem with Safari, or something else.

Scusa Derrek, non ho capito bene il tuo post. Ho detto qualcosa che non dovrebbe essere detto?

Thanks a lot, I followed your advice and downloaded Vivaldi. As you can see with the two examples, had no problem! Thanks again, but who knows why Safari gives me this problem?

No, you didn’t say anything wrong. I wasn’t sure whether you had used the (Discourse) forum long enough to post certain types of files and was suggesting you check the standards to post successfully just in case that was what prevented you from posting.

I don’t think anyone has reported it before, so I’ve no idea. Make sure you don’t have any Safari extension active?

Got it. Thank you!