Forum search is an idiotic mess

Why have a forum search at all if you get this stupid response “The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words”

Simple example. I opened Halion SE for the first time today and found I have no content. Came to forum to search for “Halion SE content”. I get the above response. Also , same response for Halion, Halion SE or content. WTF is search for??? Do I have to waste everyone’s starting a new thread about an issue that probably already addressed?? This is stupid to me.

1/ It’s been long known that Google advanced search is the go to engine to search the forums.

2/ A quick read through the stickies in the relevant forum would have gotten you an answer much faster.

Thanks. I got to the answer through Google. I didn’t want to waste time looking through stickies.

If I were a software manufacturer whose forums were so poorly administered that customers had to use Google, I’d be embarrassed. They would be better off eliminating the search box as its useless…

phpBB issue, not Steinberg. Search feature on all forums leave a lot to be desired.

Please make a post in the Forum Issues sub-forum.

I see the point you’re making but , at the point that Steiny chooses their forum software/format ,it is their issue. A Steinberg forum that won’t allow a search for Halion is just stupid. Why waste the users time? Take away the search box and tell users they can’t be bothered.

Anyway the sticky suggestions don’t work for me in the case of Halion Sonic. Media Bay yields no results follow. I’ll keep looking on Google and other ,better organized sites for answers simple Cubase questions.

Over the years I’ve seen lots of threads from people who encountered something frustrating and ranted about it. Here I am now ,doing the same thing. It can be tedious and I would ask everyone to ignore this. I’m sure I’ll find a solution. I just didn’t know how bad the search function is and I’ll never waste time with it again. My feeling is Steinberg should be ashamed

I don’t know if anyone should be ashamed, I actually doubt it. While it is pretty dumb that the forum search is the way it is, it is simply a matter of including “” in a google search and you will get results from the forum. Plus you can use google’s search syntax too.

What would make sense is SB putting a google search widget here in the forum and just got rid of the phBB search.

+1 amen

Personally, I’d rather Steiny stick to developing DAW software rather than forum software.

I don’t expect my auto mechanic to provide dentistry services.

Earlier thread on same subject:

+1 Seems wise.

Good point but irrelevant to this discussion. I’d expect my auto mechanic to answer questions about my car. His garage would be palace to go and get answers. If I go to the garage and ask about my spark plug and he says that too general a term. I’d think he was stupid. Steiny doesn’t have to write forum software. Just don’t have a stupid forum search function

Google search applet is a good idea and remove the search box. It’s an insult to users


Poor analogy. SB is more akin to a full service -dealer-. And as such, I expect them to have -all- the amenities necessary to properly serve customers for long term ownership.

Whether or not one -can- use Google to find the info, it’s a poor reflection on SB and shows a lack of genuine customer empathy.

Let’s examine the current state of play:

The PDF is pretty sorry.
The promised tutorials and all that haven’t arrived.
No phone support (paid or otherwise) AFAIK.
My personal experience with the support tickets? 48hrs to 6 months (no typo) response time.

Everything SB does shows a lack of regard for docs… they crank out code. But the mark of a great company is the docs—the quality of the docs shows how they -really- feel about their customers.

Good docs means the company really -likes- their customers.


Changing the forum SW - we’ve been through that before! :cry:
Then we’d have to sort through multiple archives :open_mouth:
Please! Not again! :exclamation:

LOL somebody call the analogy police!

Best way to search is go to google and type: search_argument

I have berated this subject in the past…