Forum smileys

Why do we have 2 devil smileys and 0 angel smileys? Or love(heart) smileys? :question: :exclamation:


Because Music is the devils work? :wink:

Touché, pussycat:p

On another note, and this may make no sense to whoever reads it: “was that you realize you have identified only one narrow line” …?

That’s the default set of smilies that come with phpBB. If you want to see more interesting ones, you need to visit some other forums (see link below for example). There’s no limit to what can be a smiley, beyond the imagination of whomever runs the software.

And so on…

Yeah, ive moderated/admined various audio forums in the past… It was more of a rhetorical question;)

The imagination of who runs the software- i like it.
Beating the dead horse smiley? Funny choice:p

I find the concept of a negative smiley quite amusing actually…

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All free… They even ask you to host them urself if you have a site- so no issues with copyrights or whatever…
Theres just so many good ones with more ermmm emotion? :stuck_out_tongue: