Forum software feedback: "Save Draft for Later" makes no sense

If you have a WIP post, you can discard or save draft for later. For all other software which supports drafts, you can save multiple drafts. With the forum software, it seems you can only save one draft. This means that you can’t start a new draft for a parallel post. So once you have a draft, you only have the option of reopening it, not just saving and starting a new one.

But then if you don’t save the draft, the forum software does it for you anyhow. Just navigate away and that will be there as a draft. So the “Save as Draft” option is pointless, it does it anyhow.

Suggestion for the forum SW providers, either give us multiple drafts (which all other software I’ve used does), or get rid off the “Save Draft” all together.

This is what comes of having been a UX designer, but unlike Tantacrul I’m a nice guy about it :grin:

I have seen what you describe about a persistent draft, but only on mobile (iOS). It seems to be treated as a separate window, that persists even when you load a different page. I can get rid of it by closing the tab and going back to the forum in a fresh tab. There may be an easier way.

This does not happen for me on Mac desktop. There the feature works seamlessly, and as expected.

I don’t think that’s quite right, Dan: I believe Discourse does support multiple drafts, and you can see all of your current drafts by clicking your avatar in the top right-hand corner, then click the rightmost icon (the little head and shoulders), then choose Drafts from the menu.

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Got it, you’re correct. It is confusing though, because it will still keep the last draft as the ‘current’ draft as if you’re still editing it. I’m used to if you save out a draft, it clears the currently editing buffer, then you can start something new or whatever. This way, you save a draft, then have to cancel on the Current buffer as a second operation, go through the ‘are you sure’ (while wondering if the draft really did save). So I’ll change it to a ‘implemented but clumsy’ :grin:

At least I know how to deal with it now - thanks.

@DanMcL you should discuss this on Meta Discourse. Steinberg uses Discourse as its forum platform, but they do not design or develop it. You would get in depth discussion on your query in that forum. I run quite a few Discourse servers, and I find that is the best place to get support or discuss desired features.

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Clearly it’s not Steinberg’s product! :grin: No I’m too busy to get that involved with it, but thought I’d at least put a bug in the Steinberg forum people that they could bring it up - as a paying customer - with the Discourse people if they wish.