Forum: There should be a way to set up a default version tag (cubase-11)

Seriously. If you use Cubase 11, you should be able to set up ‘cubase-11’ as a default tag that appears when you start a new post. OR AT LEAST, cubase-11 should bubble to the top of the dropdown list of available tags.

Agreed. The forum is now very messy & unorganised.


Agreed. 100%.

Indeed, and more than four months after the change to the Discourse platform, there are several things that don’t seem to be worth taking a look at :

  • Suntower’s FR, which would be a logical implementation.
  • the inability to select two tags at the same time (something as basic Cubase-11 and feature-request, in example - Result : feature requests from Cubase 8 days appear happily mixed with the ones for all other versions : can’t wait for the next Cubase 8.6.00 update… :nerd_face:
  • the unalphabetical tags list horror. Among others, what are we supposed to choose between issue and issues ? :roll_eyes:
  • Choosing no-tags after having used one no longer display the stickies at the beginning of a subforum list : we have to close and reopen it again.
  • The computer-and-devices buried in the Lounge subforum as a tag…
  • The 5 votes limitation. Result : I no longer vote, contrarily to @Matthias_Quellmann recommendation, as I only have one left…
  • If we want to know when a forumer joined or how many posts/threads he/she did in the past, we have to right-click to open another thumbnail : I prefer not to say the time lost at doing this on countless occasions.
  • The inability to enter some keys combination like ‘backslash’ followed by a ‘less than’ sign : the backslash vanishes. Case in point : < . In the same league, if you want to enter the following sequence : <PgDn> for a key usage, the whole thing vanishes, unless using the preformatted text tool, as I just did.
  • Tabbing is still problematic, with this brand new platform : automatic preformatting is unavoidable and using the Tab key makes the cursor vanish. Added to this, starting a paragraph with just a simple - sign without any preformatting is no longer possible.
  • Still in the limitations department ; why are we not allowed to add at the end of a thread title ?
  • And another one : seperating a paragraph from a previous one with two lines instead of one is no longer allowed either : preformatting again - we are probably not adult enough to know how to present our posts in the best way…
  • The date/time and views numbering display is very trendy but on a daily basis it’s as annoying as can be : 1d / 2h /35 m or 7.2k… Not so long ago, we were able to see the exact value of a given information, not an approximative/condensed view of it. But it’s probably to simple…
  • The endless page scrolling in all subforum posts list, with the ctrl_End key stroke almost useless…
  • Where is the online help, easily reachable if possible, to use as efficiently as can be the whole mess ?
  • Where have disappeared both the forumers list, as well as the moderator ones ? This with the current time display…

List not exhaustive, I guess. Actually, the only ‘improvement’ I have seen until now is the ability to include directly images in a post.

At the end, I am using the forum as less as I can : congrats to Steinberg/Discourse for the frienly ‘community’ space exchange, and sorry for somehow hijacking your thread, suntower:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yup, and this isn’t a trivial matter either, when it’s been stated that the votes may be used for planning future bug fixes/improvements too.

I would vote for this, but I don’t want to waste my vote. And I’m not being ironic.