Fostex X-15 Cassettes Transfer


Cubase Artist 6.0.7
Windows 7 64 Bit

I have a Fostex X-15 four-track cassette recorder, which, after about 25 years of non-use, still works…

I’d like to digitise some of the cassettes I have in to Cubase but am stumped. I don’t use Cubase nearly as much as I should so I’ve forgotten most of what little I knew, so I’m sure this is something pretty simple.

I have the two Line Outs (phono connectors) connected to my E-MU Tracker Pre inputs (1/4" jacks) and I can monitor the output from the Fostex with the headphones plugged in to the Audio Interface, so communication from the Fostex to the E-MU is working.

But I can’t seem to get a damn thing in to Cubase.

Device Setup has the ASIO E-MU Tracker Pre driver selected, and I’ve also tried the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver.

I notice that when I go to the ‘ASIO E-MU Tracker Pre’ sub-menu it shows the In ports as Inactive (see pic attached). Is this the problem? If so, how to fix it?
ASI E-MU Tracker Pre In Ports Inactive.PNG

Yes, you’ve done step 1 correctly, which is assigning the right interface for Cubase. Step 2 is to assign these inputs to Cubase buses, which is done in the VST Connections dialog (from Devices menu). There are tabs there for input and output: simply create input and output buses and assign your interface channels to Cubase buses. After that, new tracks can be assigned an input and output bus to use for recording / playback.

And that, right there, is a 10/10 for you. Spot on. Thank you.