Found a way to rewire a 32bit client in Cubase 64bit

Hi all,

I was struggling to use my reason 5 32bit version in cubase 6.5.4 64bit version, since the time I switch to 64bit system. But only today I found a link where some asian guy developed this thing which makes Cubase 64bit to show all your 32bit rewire clients in the Devices menu. I thought I MUST share this as I was looking for such this for 2 years. I also purchased ReWire VST from Energy XT and tried to use it with Jbridge in my Cubase 64bit, but manytimes it was giving errors and crashes the Rewire client (Reason) on loading.

The link to a tutorial video is here.

But this tutorial is in some other language which I myself don’t know. But I followed the video and the link he provided which is below.

It appears to be some chinese or japanese language and don’t be afraid its not a virus. I tried to scan it with my Kaspersky Internet Security and its fine.

I must use it some couple of projects and see if it holds stability with giving any errors or crashes.

To be on safe side, I created a restore point before installing it.

Please comment your views and experience if you already had or will have in future with this program. It might help me or others.

Thanks and regards
Anil nc

Yes I got this going a short time ago and it works great. Enjoy!


Thanks for confirming it works. Till now it works with no crash or any errors.

Thanks for sharing this anilnc, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!!

and yes, it works!!!