Found two issues so far

The biggest issue is when importing an audio file (drag and drop) to an audio track in the arranger, cubase will suddenly close. This did not happen with Cubase 9.5.41.

The other issue that I thought would be solved by now is the one second delay between audio and waveform when using the audition tool in the audio editor. This issue was also in Cubase 9.5.41 and I honestly thought it would be solved in Cubase 10. Steinberg please check this problem.


Could somebody please confirm if these issues also happen to you.


Please, someone grab an audio file from a directory and drop it in the arranger and check what happens. It’s as simple as that. When I do this Cubase closes immediately.
This never happened to me before in any previous Cubase version.
I wonder why Martin never answers to my comments.
I have been reporting about the delay between audio and waveform when using the audition tool in the audio editor and absolutely nobody from Steinberg have ever confirmed this issue. I had this issue in Cubase 9 as well.

Just dragged an audio file from Windows desktop into the arrange page (if that’s exactly what you mean) and it worked fine for me.

Drag an audio file from desktop to the arrange window in Cubase Pro 10 works for me.

Thanks for checking. I need to see what’s going on with my system. I have Cubase 9.5 an 10 installed and drag and drop works correctly on 9.5 but not on 10.

Could you please check the audition tool in the audio editor window. 9 out of 10 times waveform and audio signal are out of sync (1 second delay), but this tool works perfectly on the audio channels of the arrange window.