Founded great guide Mediabay! Check this out!

Accidentally founded, and was shocked how good is that

After that I thinking re-arrange my structure

And addition to that, let’s share our experience in organizing samples.

I’ve attach my structure, but now I thinking of making new one, because this one good for Similar genres (ex. House,techno,dance & etc), but not good for different genres (ex.dubstep, jazz :smiley:)

EDIT: I found one cool thing, i tagged audifiles in my kick folder, and Mediabay open this folder waaaaaaaayyyyy faster then others.
Mediabay works faster if audio tagged ?! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

That’s a good find - a very clear description of using the Mediabay.

One additional feature that wasn’t mentioned is that you can create your own custom fields to tag items with.

For example on VSTi Presets I added a custom Y/N field called “Good for MIDI Guitar?” So if you’ve got something unique you want to keep track of, you can probably do it.

cool Idea!
I’m thinking of re organizing my library with that approach.
Are you tag 3rd party vst/VSTi instruments ? If yes, how you manage their internal presets if they not shown inside Cubase preset manager ?

No, just Steinberg VSTi’s. Don’t know if there is anyway to make the Mediabay catalog 3rd party presets.

Good idea to make converter :slight_smile: