Four glitches (may have been fixed for the upcoming release)

Summary: Back button in FX browser stops working
Description: The “Back” button on the FX browser stopped working, preventing me from selecting “None” or any built-in effects.
Expected results: Return to the menu where “None” is selectable, along with built-in FX.
Actual results: Button doesn’t work.

Summary: Scrolling and zooming in automation menu.
Description: Tried to do some simple volume automation. I was zoomed in on a section of the timeline, with “Snap” set to “Off”, and when I tried to move one of the points to the left, it scrolled all the way to the left and zoomed in all the way.
Expected results: Point moves slightly to the left.
Actual results: Point moves to beginning of timeline, view zooms in to max.

Summary: When reloading a project, second instance of plugin reloads and affects the sound, but will not show in the view.
Description: Reloaded a previously-saved project, and my second instance of Pro-C2 refused to display. It did still apply the effect with the settings I had selected. This second instance was placed directly after the first instance in the signal chain. I loaded and removed a few instances of Pro-C2 before loading this second instance, but it was the second of two instances still loaded into the project.
Expected results: Upon tapping an FX plugin in the signal chain, the window appears, allowing me to tweak parameters.
Actual results: Temporary “Loading Plugin…” screen appears, plugin never shows.

Summary: Tapping an effect in the signal chain caused it to drag-and-drop to the occupied slot beneath it.
Description: Tapped on an effect to show its window, and instead it caused it to swap places with the next effect in the signal chain. I definitely didn’t drag it. I think it may have been the effect at the top/beginning of the signal chain.
Expected results: Window for plugin opens.
Actual results: Plugin swaps places with the plugin beneath it.

Environment: 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 inch 256gb running iPad OS 13.7

Hi Skyblazer,

Thanks for your message and reports.

Please give these issues a short check with the upcoming Cubasis 3.2 update, which will includes many improvements to user-reported problems.

The update is planned to go live on Monday, Dec 21, 2020.

We look forward to your feedback.