Four issues with Triplet Tie


Here are three new issues. Please see the animation.

Reproduction process:

  1. Create 4 triplet notes in a 4/4 time signature
  2. Try to tie that last two notes.

Here are what happens:

Issue 1) When you place the first note, it is actually a 1/16 note follows by a 1/16 rest!
issue 2) try to glue them, to gather! It does add the second beat to the triplet!! make it a 1/2 triplet.
issue 3) if you try to cut the notes, it does not work here
issue 4) if you try to delete the inserted notes, the notes get deleted by the triplet brackets remains there. The only way is to delete the midi part from project view and place an empty bar back!!

Oh Boy!

Issue 1: True > as I wrote in your other thread on the same subject :wink: when you use this method to insert triplets, the program changes Display Quantize setting for the current bar internally without visibility for the user, and only after you insert the “second note” of the triplet.
when you insert a new Display Quantize manually and make Quantize visible in the score that you will be able to see the said changes >Downside: afterwards no more Triplet via this method (button “T”) will be possible without restarting Cubase (sort of bug);

Issue 2: Not true (you have probably used the Cut Tool in the middle some where without mentioning it)

Issue 3: Not true! you’ll have to place the Cut Tool at the correct position for it to work! You’ll have to randomly click multiple times to find the correct position

A grid for placing the cutter with precision as for the notes is highly needed here.

Issue 3: True, but again, for your “issue 2” you have certainly used the Cut Tool beforehand.
So check “Cut/Rhythm” to make the “Cutflags” visible in the score and remove them.