Four-note chords - my cubase does not add four-note chords

Hello everyone!

As is in the picture on the side.
I can add three-note chords normally and change their functions.

But with four note chord i cannot add with pencil or change the chord characteristics!

How to solve?

I’m using cubase 10.5 pro.

Thank you!


Why you cannot do it? What happens, if you do so?

nothing happens, I just can’t add it like it’s three notes

You’re clicking on 3-note chords. You should Click on a four-note chord below.


yes, I try to click on the four-note, but it doesn’t accept,

none of the four-note buttons work.

it does not accept selecting the major seventh chord, just like it accepts in the normal major chord with three notes


Click the “arrow” next to the 4-notes cord to add a new chord, please.