Four Strings Glyph

Hi! I’m wandering if anyone has a four strings glyph like the one below, without the bridge symbol.

Thanks for your help!

Nothing in Bravura or November 2. Usual (annoying) question, what would this denote to a string player?

This is a job for FontForge, I’m afraid.

I guess you could always use text, the pipe symbol:


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And if you wanted the glyphs a bit taller and thinner, you could fiddle with glyph stretching and letter spacing directly in the text dialog. Pretty easy to modify.

I finally managed to create a svg file. Here it is for those interested. Thanks for your help! (929 Bytes)

I’m combining this symbol with a hand to indicate muted strings
Capture d’écran, le 2022-03-14 à 11.05.48