Four wishes from a long-time Cubase user

  1. An option to restrict cycle activation to the transport panel, as in earlier versions. Activating by clicking the loop selection too easily done by accident.
  2. Graceful exit or recovery following disconnection of elicence dongle. It is discourteous to users, to say the least, to treat them like criminals if they need to swap a USB port or accidentally disconnect the dongle. Currently Cubase freezes and the only way to exit is by shutting down or via task manager. Either way risks loss of data and corruption of files. This should have been done years ago.
  3. Likewise the fact that user preferences and shortcuts are not transferred automatically with an upgrade. This appears to require only the copying of two xml files.
  4. The ability to specify a contrasting colour for the floating transport bar, which often gets lost on a screen crowded with similar-looking information.