FR: Accidental visibility in cues

I ran into this issue this morning. If Dorico automatically adds cautionaries in a part, then it is smart enough to remove them from cues as they are not needed and are confusing as they have no relationship to the part that the player is reading:

The cue in the Trumpet part above looks correct. If I have to add the cautionaries manually, then they do appear in cues and as far as I can tell there’s no way to remove them from the cue:

I was a little surprised to find that hiding the unnecessary cautionaries in the Trumpet part in Engrave / Local also hides them in the actual Alto Sax. part where they are needed. As a feature request, it would be useful if these could be independent, so they can be hidden in a Cue but not the source. Thanks for considering!

Could you upload a sample file that illustrates the problem? I’m afraid I can’t replicate it; with the property scope set to Local I have complete independence over the accidentals in each layout:

edit: oh wait. Do you mean you want independence over accidental visibility in cues in a score layout, without affecting the source material within the same score layout? If so, do spell that out.

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Thanks for looking into it Leo. No, I don’t care about Cues in a score layout at all. I just realized why it wasn’t working. Instead of cycling through the options I must have just toggled the accidental off.

If I start with this …

so the Alto part looks like this …

and I navigate to the Trumpet in Engrave / Local and unclick the toggle to turn off the accidental …

then it also has turned off in the source material when I navigate back to the Alto:

It isn’t very intuitive IMO that making an edit to a Cue in a completely different layout with Local turned on would affect the display of actual notes to be played in another layout, but at least now I know that it does. Oh well. I’ll cycle through all the options next time. I had a noon deadline for that commission so it’s already out the door.

I guess if I had Local Only selected, it wouldn’t have shown up, which is another way to have known it’s Global.

But it’s not really. Only the toggle is Global, the dropdown is Local I guess, but doesn’t show when Local Only is selected.

Actually it’s even more confusing than that! In the above image the Accidental toggle doesn’t show in Local Only. If I switch to Global Only, there it is:

It certainly seems unclear to me whether that means Global as in every instance where the Alto is cued (since this is in a Cue after all) or if it means the source material too.

As soon as I select Hide from the dropdown, the setting vanishes entirely from Global Only:

When I select Local Only, there it is:

It certainly feels inconsistent that this sometimes appears in Local Only and sometimes in Global Only. Anyway, enough time spent on this one …