FR: Add MP3 to Post Proces

Is it posible to add more option to the export menu. Like when exporting to wav / aiff als create a mp3 as a low res export option to send to a client for quick reverence?

Just an option Also Create MP3 version (bitrate 128 - 320) and a Hi Res and Lo Res version of your mixdown is created


I know the patch I have Cubase 8 Pro (and have run Cubase sinds pro 24…)

I just want to make 2 exports in one. So a Aiff and Mp3 version without doing 2 exports.

Ah, now I understand.

If you have Wavelab 8.5 you could use a watch folder.

+1 good idea - check box to add extras. I quite often create WAV masters but I also need MP3 masters to email out to people.

Or, I wrote a post process script which converted the exported file into MP3 using the free lame encoder… But currently its only working on Win7, and I guess you’re after Mac as you mention the AIFF filetype? (you could add a short signature with your system info in it).


I too use Watch Folders for this. Affords a great deal more flexibility.