[FR] - Add Sample Rate Options to Export Selected Events

As a game sound designer, I was very happy when the Export Selected Events option was included some years ago, but I feel like the addition of sample rate options would be extremely useful and save audio designers a lot of time.

I love that I can edit a load of footsteps or gunshots, whatever, select them all in a row and export the selected events with a naming scheme and a counter. But I usually work with high quality audio in 96 kHz projects. After I’m done editing, I would love to select all audio events, export selected events, and choose 48 or 44.1, as well as either 24 or 16 bit and just export. Job done!

As it is now, without the sample rate option, I have to export the audio in the same resolution as the project, make a new 44.1 project and let Nuendo convert the sample rate on import, then select all events, export selected events and export with the desired bit depth. Or I have to manually add markers to every audio file and export all audio files from the regular export audio box.

The workaround works fine, but it would be so much smoother and faster if the sample rate was included in the export selected events box.

That’s it! Thanks a lot.



because the request makes sense (even though I don’t have the need for it).

As a workaround - do you have something like iZotope RX? It has as far as I know pretty good conversion algorithms etc and also allows for batch processing. With something like that you should be able to open it, load the batch-list, point to source/destination folders and press “go”. I think you could even leave the naming intact by replacing files or pointing to a new folder.

But like I said, it’s a solid request… heck, I’ll give you another for a total of two:


Hei, Mattias!

Thanks very much for your suggestion. I do have RX and I’ll definitely check out if that workaround is faster than my current one.

Thanks again!