[FR] Adjustable minimum LEDs light intensity


Hoping that this (quite famous) request doesn’t get lost due to the recent forum upgrade!

Please, make it configurable as in NI’s Kore controller, so we can work in low light enviroments and actually see the buttons.


+++ :exclamation: Often I like to work in near-darkness, so being able to see the CC121 buttons under such conditions would be very helpful.

Yes, I would agree. However, it was on the other forum for a long time, so I would assume it is a difficult thing for Steinberg to achieve.

yes please i vote for this too.


change the EQ assignment to the Cubase one :exclamation:


+1 :slight_smile:

Yes please. Lights on!

Another user wanting to see the CC121 in a dim studio here!

Well, LEDs are “not dimable” so I’m not sure what the solution would be.

Ok, well I guess "LED"S aren’t dimmable but the “functionality” is what we are after here.

During power up you can see the lights on a CC121 go from brighter to dimmer in intensity.
I’d like to all the buttons to be dimly lit by default so that you can see the controller in a dark studio.

That is what everyone is asking for here. And since all the lights are lit up on the CC121 in most promo shots it gives the impression to a buyer that that is the default powered-on state. It isn’t.

Surely this can be done though as I watch the CC121 go thru several intensities of being lit up each time I turn the unit on!

Well yes that would be ideal ie dimly lit all the time and more brightly lit when you activate a button to show you what is happening BUT if that proves too difficult, I’d settle for all the lights fully on which would allow me to see them in a dark studio. At least having this as a preference would be helpful.


+1 to this thread. I don’t own a CC121 yet, but I’m now looking at it as a serious replacement for my Alphatrack. This feature would definitely be a plus from the perspective of a potential new customer.

As mentioned above, I often work with very low-level or even no ambient lighting. Under such conditions I’m finding that the lack of illumination of the CC121’s buttons seriously compromises its usefulness, the basic problem being that with the exception of the jog wheel, I simply cannot easily see what I am reaching for or pressing.

It then becomes safer and surer to use the mouse instead, which for the time being somewhat negates the point of owning the thing in the first place.

I remain very disappointed with this aspect of the unit, and believe I have been mislead by the advertising, which shows the buttons brightly lit.

Prospective owners should be made aware of this shortcoming by suitable amendment to the specification set out on the relevant Steinberg web pages.

Well of course they are. Less current, less light.

Many, myself included, asked for this in the old forum. Still would like to have this. +1 on this.


I agree with this 100%…especially since I’m getting a little older every day!

  • 1 Again I agree to 100% :slight_smile:

well if its genuinely impossible to have them on dim, and some don’t ever light, could we have the option of having them all just on?

You can tell it’s possible when you power it on and it cycles all the buttons through several levels of brightness.

C’mon SB, this really should not be a difficult thing to do! :bulb:

I thought lights were always on before I’ve strated using it. I am also sometimes working in low-light and I need to put my mobile phone’s screen’s light on to CC121 in order to see the buttons! That should be not be the right way :slight_smile: Please Steinway, publish a software or firmware update for the lights of CC121. As everyone mentioned here it should be possible because when we turn on CC121 all buttons are lighted and they are fading out level by level.