FR and possible bug

It would be nice if the information bar at the bottom of the screen could show the number of the page being edited. I know this has been requested before, but a “Go to rehearsal letter/number” command would also be helpful.

For some reason, most every time I access the properties panel, Dorico scrolls up to ten pages, sometimes forward and sometimes backward. I assigned a shortcut for “Go to page” but it would save time not to have to scroll to the top of the page to see where I am so I know where to go back to.

And this is where the possible bug comes into play. Often (but not always) when I enter a page number I want to go to, Dorico brings me to an entirely different page, often ten or fifteen pages away from where I want to go. This is in a 200 page orchestral score with three flows and about 1,700 measures. The only way to get to the page I want is to use the scroll bar.

Also, when re-opening a file, it always reverts to page one, rather then where I left off.

Unfortunately the score is too large to attach and is proprietary, so I am not at liberty to do so.

To go to the next or previous rehearsal mark, you can select an existing rehearsal mark and hit the right or left arrow, which will navigate to the next or previous one.

The issue you’re experiencing with Dorico shifting to a different page when you open the Properties panel is caused by using one of the “F’it…” zoom levels. When you tell Dorico that the page width or height must fit inside the view, when you then change the size of the view (e.g. by opening or closing one of the panels), that causes Dorico to change the zoom level, and it’s then possible for the page that was previously in view to move out of the view. Try typing Alt+Z and changing the current zoom level by 1% in either direction, so that it’s very close to but not exactly the “Fit…” zoom level, and that should prevent Dorico from moving the view when you open or close a panel.

Thanks - I will try that.

I know you can negotiate rehearsal marks through the arrow keys, but if I have 200 rehearsal marks, that becomes a bit clumsy.