{FR} Asio 3 combining S/Y FW-USB Driver and editors to one

i have 2 steinberg MR816 devices with FW connection and 1 steinberg UR44 USB device, obviously i can’t use both of them at same time in cubase
1:if technology allows this and y/s comes with further innovation and development for Asio ,it could be great to use several devices connected to DAW with global y/s asio driver .and real direct monitoring for all devices its even better.

2: not sure if its related to Asio or cubase, but when assigning send to a channel, turn on/off insert plugin, it should not interrupt and cutting audio. maybe its ok for someone working alone, but when tracking a band or singer u change things on the go and cutting the audio stream is a PITA. cubase is also used now in live scenarios and this should be avoided as well there. im aware of the delay compensation problem some plugins introduced, but this happens also with plugins which reported with no latency