[FR] Auto Conform Solution

Will Nuendo 6 include an Auto Conform solution?

Not for the moment.
But it is (high) on the list.


OK, good to know. I hope there will be a good solution to work with the original Meta Data from the location recorder. I also think the rename tool in Nuendo should include the BWAV meta tags to rename audio clips.
I usually name audio files in my 788T with the scene/shoot/take, like “A15-2T01” and the all the tracks are named with “Boom, HFxy, …” and so on.
I can see the meta datas in the media bay of nuendo but that is all.
I would like to see the meta data information in the editing window. Every Audio-event has the scene/shoot/take name and the track name.
E.g. “A15-2T01-Boom”.
Up to now i did that with the software BWAV Lister. But it is annoying. Would be a awesome feature in a future Nuendo version.

Otherwise i am really happy with Nuendo and i am really looking forward to Nuendo 6 and the Nuage system :wink:

Would be really nice to be able to select which information of imported events/files you would like to see in the editing window Bwav description, author, file name…


Yes, absolutely!


yes this is definitely on schedule. As with the other topics, it needs resources to provide the desired solution. But it is part of the big topic “import/export/metadata”, which we continously work on.

Conforming is a topic we have on the list, but it requires in-depth analysis on how it can be technically realized. As you might know, there have been many approaches on this topic in the past years. Among the most important aspects are reliability and accurateness of the conforming process.

However, great that you’re looking forward to the new version. Less than 3 weeks left!


Timo! This is unfair torture :smiley:

Well, i think your developers did way more difficult things in the past years.
But i agree, if you do it, please do it well.

Can’t wait to work with your Auto Conform solution


I really enjoy The Maisch Conformer in the meanwhile.

Thanks for suggesting Maisch and I look forward to Nuendo including conforming! I recently asked Virtual Katy if they supported Nuendo and this was their response…

"Yep, VK4 onwards only works with ProTools. Most of our previous Nuendo customers have moved to ProTools so the demand for Nuendo support is very low.

Let us know if you are planning to switch to ProTools. We might be able to help you with a deal on VK in that case."

I still can’t believe a 3rd party software company suggested that I move to PT like “most of their previous customers”.

Please let them know, with my compliments, that they are full of (add word to your liking)


Perhaps we should create a Nuendo post list that sincerely asks them to go to hell, and give us our money back before they leave?

I hope Nuendo will get its own conformation tools as soon as possible. Including something vocalign like…

Bye / Tumppi

oh and yes… Screw virtual katy. Makes me wonder if Avid has paid them something to loose Nuendo. Would not surprise me…

Wow, that would be great.