FR: "Avoid collisions" property for paragraph style

I’d like to request an option, when creating or editing a paragraph style, to disable the “avoids collisions” property that text has by default.

I realize there’s a global option, but I’d like to set it on a per-style basis. Thanks for considering.


Isn’t the “avoid collisions” property a text object specific property? What would happen to these objects if they contained multiple paragraph styles?

That’s a fair point. I suppose the properties checkbox could display a horizontal line instead of a checkmark, as is already present on other portions of the user interface.

Or in that case, I would assume one option or the other would simply have to take precedence by default. So if styles were mixed in a text object, everything would avoid or not avoid.

Personally I don’t generally combine paragraph styles in a single text object, although I guess it is certainly possible.

I’m guessing that the use case for this is for (quite specific) missing features that you want to work around? While no software can be fully feature complete since people (especially within creative disciplines) will always want to do completely new things never done before, the idea is not bad per se, but if I am not mistaken about my assumption, I think the team would also like to know what specific problem you want to solve using this feature, so that they might come up with a smarter solution integrated into the software.

Sure. Paragraph styles are an incredibly powerful way to streamline your workflow and create formatting consistency. Especially since you can assign them to key commands. And some types of text I always want to avoid collisions, and some types of text I don’t.

Of course I can select each text item, open the properties panel, toggle on the “avoid…” and check the box. I’m not complaining. But it would be simpler if each paragraph style could use that chosen property by default. That’s all I’m requesting.