[FR] - Avoid some enharmonic spellings

I do a lot of performances based materials in my engraving work. And one things that seldom occurs in the type of work I do is to spell E natural as Fb, or B natural as Cb.

By and large I like how Dorico renames some notes based on context, except when it comes to these 2 pitches (and their opposites - avoiding B# and E#).

I would like to make a request for an option to avoid these 2 enharmonic spellings.



This rankles a bit because to avoid those enharmonic spellings means to actively ask Dorico to produce incorrect enharmonics. But we’ll think about it for some point in the future. It’s unlikely to be soon, though.

Sounds good. I think I understand the amount of work something like this would cause. It was just a thought.


This sort of thing has precedence in pop music, though I hate it: a C#major chord in first inversion may sometimes be written enharmonically as C#/F.

I mean, not that I would write it like that… heheh…

Yeah, and that’s sort of where I stand… from a theory perspective, I get it and therefore the enharmonic spellings do not bother me 90% of the time. But E#/Fb and B#/Cb, it’s 99%% of the time, unless the key signature truly calls for it.


But that is the whole point surely, you would only use these if the key signature truly calls for it.