FR: Baseline shift for lyric paragraph styles

I’m loving the new flexibility for paragraph styles for lyrics, and I thought I’d use a new style to insert a rest into the lyrics using MusGlyphs.

You can see it works, but the baseline is off. I’m wondering if it would be possible to add an option for baseline shift to paragraph styles in order to manually align lyrics with different fonts, since I imagine different fonts will have different bounding boxes (and since lyrics are not aligned according to baseline in Dorico).

It has been requested before to add baseline shift to the paragraph style dialog. I’m not entirely convinced of its usefulness, even in a situation like this. But I’ll think about it.

In the meantime, you can use the Edit Single Lyric dialog to achieve this.

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Oh duh. Of course… sorry Daniel, just a few years in Dorico and I’m already calcified in my workflow. Haven’t acclimated to all the new goodies yet!

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Well, if we are going all in on paragraph styles, I think this would be useful, as would a vertical stretch option (something I went looking for two days ago and realized it wasn’t there).

I give Daniel my full blessing to roll his eyes at this. (“Give an inch, they’ll want a mile.”)

Vertical stretch is done the other way around: Increase the point size by the desired amount and reduce the stretch percentage to compensate.

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In publishing applications, you have two discrete stretch options in this regard (distinct from point size). It can be helpful when you want to make something ever-so-slightly taller but don’t want to affect your layout.

I suppose you can indeed fake it as you suggest, but as far as interacting it isn’t the same.

Also, I reallllllllly hope the paragraph styles dialogue gets an ‘apply’ button. It would be uber helpful to see your score change and then make additional changes without the dialogue closing on you.

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I agree.

I also hope it will be possible to edit more than one syllable at once before long. I imagine we’re not even halfway to the lyric editor we’ll end up with.

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Well, I’m fairly certain that the idea for the lyric editor is going to rest at “single” lyric; if you need more numerous edits (say, a whole line with compressed spacing), the idea is to set up an alternate paragraph style and apply it via the properties panel.

I suspect what is more likely is that we might be able to invoke that interface and then advance through the syllables. (Consider this an official feature request.)

Daniel, I ran up against this today. In this case, (remember now… we are American upstarts… have mercy, O Beneficent One!) I was setting some pseudo-anglican chant (but we need it set below notes, rather than in blocks of text because it is not a common cultural thing here) and so to indicate that a particular note was getting a whole word, rather than a syllable only, I needed to change the font. Unfortunately, I needed to use a different font for the bold italics, and the two fonts have different metrics, and therefore different baselines.

You probably know this already, but the solution here is Edit Single Lyric and shift the baseline. It has to be done one at a time, which is a little tedious, but at least it’s a solution.

Actually, I’m glad you said something. I hadn’t thought of that. I went looking for the option in paragraph styles but didn’t think of the edit single lyric dialogue. I’ll do that.