[FR] Batch Conversion window - stop losing focus

Hi PG - could the Batch Conversion dialog window behaviour/state be improved so it doesn’t keep losing focus, after any file selection/destination folder is chosen…? So the Key Commands become active…?

Note 1:- seems the focus is always returning to the ‘file search or keyword search’ box in WL itself, after either of the above operations, instead.

Note 2:- also, general behaviour with this dialog seems a bit ‘erratic’ - always staying ‘in front’ of other windows… if I maximise my Calculator or other apps for example, these always open ‘behind’ the Batch Conversion window… Is it designed to work like this…?

  1. you are right. This will be changed.

  2. This is by design: this allows you to activate another application like a file browser, and drag and drop files from it to the batch conversion window.

1 - great.! Thanks.

  1. Ah.! Of course… understood.