[FR] Better Stereo/Mono icons

Sounds stupid.

But having spent so much time to improve the aesthetics on the interface, it seems odd to replace the perfectly useful “mono” “stereo” words with tiny white circles. It look like the lead designer went home early and they left the job to an intern.

Every other icon is on the track control is well-designed, please consider revisiting this icon.

Having to look at 75 of these on my screen makes me bleary-eyed. If anything just turn them black and call it a day. At least then it won’t look like a bunch of dead pixels on the screen.
Mono Stereo.JPG

I hate the words “mono” and “stereo”, I prefer o and . It´s clearer, so I like your screenshot.

They could also make it more obvious by adding another “WAV triangle” to the far left side, so that mono tracks have one waveform and stereo tracks have two…

You beat me to it! :slight_smile:

Aloha G,
Great idea!

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So how would you draw that for a 5.1 surround track? :wink:

Personally, I am more upset about the new “waste” of screen real estate… this new icon is taking up the space of another button, whereas, in Cubase 5, it just sat there, discretely, underneath the Mute/Solo buttons.



Personally I am very pleased they removed all that stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo clutter from the screen.

Maybe they could allow a default track type, which is unlabeled, and only label the tracks that are different.

That could save visual noise on the screen.


It wasn’t that they dropped the words, it’s the design and choice of colors of the little symbol.

Everything else looks professionally designed. Those circles look like my 9-year-old did them. Especially, the stereo symbol that looks like a tiny white ass pressed against the screen.

And I do agree with vic_france, move them back under the left hand side of the track. I don’t even see them now until I expand my track control lane.

Redesign them (the wave sounds like a good idea or even a speaker), make them dark blue or black, and tuck them back where the words “mono” and “stereo” were. Because they’re not buttons they’re indicators of the type of track. They shouldn’t float around.

I would prefer the words mono and stereo as well, but if you dont see the circles you can move them to the left with trackproperties.

Ciao ok

:laughing: Been watchin much Family Guy lately?

Good point, Vic…but easily solved. And as a plus, if you click on it, it’ll play that cute little Vangelis "Chariots of Fire " theme.



Same here. Please don’t go back !

Yeah, Steinberg just needs to draw a little hand on each cheek.