FR Bigger Mediabay Waveform display - resize like the lower zone in project window


If we can resize the Lower Zone in the main project window, why not allow us to do the same in the Mediabay?
I’m working on a documentary now and have issues looking at waveform content of atmosphere/ambience wav-files.
Soft recordings simply don’t show anything signal in the very narrow/thin waveform display.

Hope this can be done in a future update!


This still can’t be done in 10.0.50 right? Pitty, as low level files show nothing and are worthless in Mediabay.
And here I was so happy I could select stuff.

lower zone in mediabay is not good.
yes miss zoom height waveform, resize waveform window
when you set left right L/R markers in mediabay waveform playback is wrong if you clic out of this “loop”
need to have autostop mediabay playback when play in main edit (like stop when project plays)
the grab hand is not efficient on small portions.

Oh yeah, that too!

So Cubase 11 is out. Searched for change lists or something. Afraid the preview window still can’t be resized in the next versions. I do a lot of editing and previewing with Media Bay and it’s not really professional for this atm.