FR / "BUG"; automation


Unwanted writing of insert bypass automation on automation enabled track when shuttling, in preview/fill loop mode.


1. Create Audio track, insert plugin (I used UAD Cambridge), write enable track
2. Setup loop “range” to about a minute
3. In automation window select “Preview” and “Fill: Loop”
4. Play track and write automation on plugin (but NOT automation bypass)
5. While track is still playing, BEFORE punching, shuttle backwards
6. Punch

Now your track should have automation written to it. It should be the automation you created when moving parameters on the plugin. BUT, in my project “insert bypass” is ALSO written to this section, and to the beginning of the project. The result in my session is:

7. Move back to before the range and hit play; insert goes into “bypass”.

It appears to me that Nuendo’s audio engine by default bypasses inserts when shuttling, which I can understand. But it also appears this leads to it being written should a track be put in automation-write when doing so.


1: Does it happen to other people?
2: If it does; is this behavior desired by other users?

I for one don’t like it. There are a million reasons I’d want to shuttle when in preview mode and I’d rather not have to keep track of tracks being in “write enable” mode…

Without testing your steps the two things off the top of my head:

  • Use ff/rew instead of shuttle
  • File -> Preferences -> Transport -> Scrub -> Use Inserts While Scrubbing

Thanks. I’ll see if those are “easy enough” workarounds…