FR: Caesura at the beginning of a bar should not break a multibar rest

I need a railroad-track caesura right before a new section begins. I have attached it to the very beginning of the following measure, and it looks great, BUT it breaks the multimeasure rests in parts with them.

I know, I know, I can create a fake playing technique and drag it to the correct location in all the parts, blah blah blah. But it shouldn’t be necessary.

(Also, it’s frustrating that it’s not possible to offset ONE side of a multimeasure rest — I need to make space on the right side of the rest for my manually-created caesura, and I can’t do that. I can only use the “H-bar width delta” property, which then offsets the left side as well; then the rest doesn’t match any of the others in the part. Separate left and right side adjustments would be really useful for these cases.)

I have the same problems. This behaviour doesn’t make sense. There is also no possibility to write some staff or system text without breaking a multibar rest (e.g. for stage directions). And: I hope that there will come engraving possibilities for rests as well as for notes (moving, …)
I hate workarounds.

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll look into the behaviour of caesuras and multi-bar rests at an opportune moment.

We’ve recently added some new controls for multi-bar rests that will allow you greater control over the precise width and horizontal position of H-bars, which is something to look forward to in future versions of the software, whenevr they may arrive.