FR: Can i undo a single change from long ago ("non-linear")?

Hi, is this feature available?

For example, I’ve made 20 changes recently (for example, clip volume, duplicate track, comp audio, bounce, etc.), and now I want to undo my first change without undoing the subsequent 19 ones.

Is it possible to select that first change and undo it alone?

Thank you!

C12 Pro 12.0.30, W10


No, sorry, the History is linear.

Ok, thanks @Martin.Jirsak ! I’ll make this a feature request.

Is this possible in any program? Would be great if we could do this.

Hey Alexis, I already made one short time ago!
Undo only a chosen operation in “Edit history” and “MixConsole history” - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

No program that I know of. But it would be great if we could do that!

You posed the question much more elegantly, as well. You got my vote, @Tj99 !

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Much appreciated :smiley: