[FR] Can you sync a UR-RT4 with a UR-824?

Can you sync a UR-RT4 with a UR-824 like you can “sync” three UR-824s IYKWIMAITYD?
Otherwise, this is a feature request for UR-RT4 mkII or a chip upgrade!

Which brings me to a cool concept used last time I saw it on a Behringer FCB1010 MIDI foot controller I bought on eBay.
It had an UnO chip installed meaning the original Behringer chip was replaced and enhanced with a chip made by a 3rd party vendor.
Maybe it’s old tech these days but … IT WORKS!!!
You can upgrade the hardware and I rather buy gear I can use as long as I wish than some gizmo stuck in time because it’s not upgradable.
Steinberg / Yamaha ??? Are you listening? Just a thought :smiley:

So back on topic.
Adding two UR824s would give me 24 in. Recording a band 16 inputs is kind of almost enough most of the time but not really I know from experience.
Adding one UR824 and 4 more inputs with potentially better specs would make more of a difference than 8 more of the same.

I guess you can’t sync UR-RT4 with a UR-824 today?


It’s got no i/o for syncing.

OK so that transforms my question to a [FR] :slight_smile: