{FR} CC121+IC pro channel focus integrated

i would like CC121 to follow a channel i select in IC pro, right now only if i tap the solo button of a channel in ic pro CC121 follows.
i need CC121 follows when tap on Ch name on IC Pro and also highlighted that ch to know this ch is in focus with CC121(or any other 1 ch controller)

simply put i want channel to be selected in cubase when touching a channels in IC Pro so i could control its EQ with CC121.
Thanks !

Does this work “already”? Has been asked for for 4-5 years ago. Still not implemented? If not then is there some other iPad app to do that, for the sa me price? Minimum would be to be able to select the track with one touch button, to be controlled with cc121…

Because I was able to setup a test system with generic remote controller, where I was able to select the programmed channel with one button press I thought I could make the same with IC Pro as well, I bought IC Pro, but rats, can’t do the same. Only previous or next channel is possible. Oh my… you at steinberg should try to use CC121 with Ic Pro sometimes. Then you would see how stupid it feels to not be able to select a channel for CC121 with Ic Pro. That would be a efficient way to use thae combination, think the channel buttons S, M, R W, e, rec enable, etc in cc121, some of which do not exist in IC Pro, esp with shallower fader settings. Now you need to grab thr mouse in one hand, move it, click the track before cc121 controls the channel you want.

I have already been thinking of using some other controller sw or hw, but not having a color coded channel lebels with channel names makes life unnecessary difficult.

Steinberdg Please. Small work for Ic Pro code writer, but huge benefit for musicians.

+1 !!

I am very disappointed to see all these pending issues and requests…

To change channel and having the CC121 following, you can use macro page.
Up, down, left and right.

I use the old Presonus Faderport along with Avids Control app (for iOS, free). The Control app has one view where all channels are visible as squares with meters and color symbols for selected/solo/mute/read/write. This view can be used to select a channel in Cubase immedietly, and works very smoothly. Select channel and do adjustments on the Faderport.

Cubase Pro is a must though, since that’s the only Cubase version which supports Avids Eucon protocol.

But one can of couse think that this functionality would be very easy for Steinberg to add in IC Pro…

cool,maybe it’s the way to go. unfortunately steinberg seems like neglected IC pro development