[FR] Convert autocrossfade to crossfade to adjust record autocrossfades

Specially when recording multiple takes with punch in / punch out, with delicate audio material, it’s sometimes indispensable to adjust record crossfades after the take. (positions and lengths)

So it would be desirable to be able to convert autocrossfades of an event to crossfades, so that we can see it and edit it.

Autocrossfades are not usable for that task, as they are set globally or at the track level.

Actually, after a take, it is not possible to manually create start and end crossfades on an event that is over another event. This is the case when recording multiple takes : the last recorded event is over the previous one.

If you use the crossfade function on an event that is located on another event, the start and end crossfades are not applied.

To get it done, you need to split the underlying event in its center, then disjoin the center boundaries of the left and right created events, then only you can apply a crossfade to the event on it.

It’s a lot of work for a simple task.

So we would need a function to create start and end crossfades on an event, converting the lengths of the autocrossfades, even if the event is on a underlying larger event.

Another problem for editing record crossfades is that there is there is no clip tail for takes. This mean that you cannot move the right crossfade to the right ! Only the left crossfade can be moved (to the left), because there is a (settable) 1 second pre-record audio material available in the take clip. I will add in another thread a feature request for a post-record audio material settings in the preference.

And this mean as well that there is probably actually a bug with record autocrossfades in Nuendo, that i did describe in this thread :