FR: Copy Paste Plugin Chain with Settings

Saw it in another program, and it was very convenient, much more so than saving/loading. Ctrl-A in a chain list and copy. Paste into another clip or track or master section. It also did cut/paste. Very handy, and very quick.


I’ve mentioned this before too. There are workflows where saving a chain as a preset and loading is elsewhere isn’t practical, and I would end up with a dozen presets I’d never use again and have to manually delete.

I’d love to see a way to a way to copy and paste an entire chain just as you can currently do with just a single plugin.

Thanks jperkinski. Sorry, didn’t know you’d already requested it. The one different thing about the program I tried was that there was a similar plugin chain list for the “master section” as for the clips and tracks, so chains could freely be copied and pasted between all three.

I’m glad you brought up the idea again. Definitely agreed that aside from copying an entire plugin chain, it should be able to be copied and pasted freely between clips, tracks, and montage master sections.

+1 I am saving and loading plugin presets I’ll never use again ALL day long. Copying would be brilliant. Or the ability to drag!

Yeah, I have a few “go to” presets that I keep stored all the time, but for some clients and workflows I end up with a dozen presets I’ll never use more than once.

It’d be nice to not have to clean these up now and then and just copy/paste an entire chain.

+1 for me too. I’d would like to see this as well,. I’m always saving FX chains just to copy them.

After finding the flexibility in the other program, Wavelab seems very limited in how it deals with this (copy and paste only single plugins, “import master section plugins” to clip but not the other way around. Plugins in clip fx only single selectable, etc.).

Wavelab does many things better than the other program (like dealing with dual-mono files, and the other program doesn’t have an equivalent “montage master” I don’t think), but dealing with moving or copying single or chain plugins, the other program is just way ahead. It can freely multi-select for copy/cut, bypass, take offline (to remove from ram). It’s really worth trying to see what the difference is. Maybe Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic are equally flexible, or less flexible ? Those I haven’t tried for this sort of thing.

The other program I was referring to is Reap#r. FX chains or single FX are all displayed in similar windows for Track, Clip (“Take”), and Mixer Master, so can all be freely copied, pasted, or moved between.