[FR] Copy & paste settings between plugin windows

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I think this has been brought up before, but I cannot find a post on this…
What I really like about PT and find missing in Nuendo is the ability to copy and paste plugin settings from one window to another, like say the notch eq settings from one plugin window and apply it in preview mode to the same plugin window or a corresponding one on another channel (when notching the same noise from boom/lavs, or applying same settings from an earlier scene).
Is this on the list? I always have to to save as preset and load preset etc. Takes longer :frowning:



I just use the old Alt + Drag and Drop of the plugin if I need multiple instances with the same settings.

Hope this helps

That would be an option for static mixes, but I’m talking about hefty film sound scene automation. Unfortunately that is not a workaround here :frowning:

You can do that within the same channel (save your preview, and apply that preview later), but unfortunately not from one channel to another.

Which would bring it’s own (massive) set of problems.


my request since years:

What “(massive) set of problems”? PT does it flawlessly as far as I know.

Indeed it does :frowning:
Fredo, give ctrl+shift+c ctrl+shift+v (or apple+shift on a Mac) a go on PT. Fantastic feature!

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Ideally this would also work for plug-ins used for off-line processing, too.

We could create a certain setting in real-time (in context of the mix, that is) and copy/paste it to an instance of the same plug-in selected for off-line processing from the Audio > Plug-In-dialogue. Right now, we have to save a preset and reload it from the list.

… ProT**ls is quite complete in this respect.