FR: create chord event by double clicking on the chord track

It is really tedious if you want to insert a new chord event on the chord track: change to pencil tool, click on chord track, then change back to selection tool to double click the new event to finally being able to edit the chord (unless I’m missing something which is of course fully possible)

So, here’s my feature request:

  • Double clicking in an empty area on the Chord Track creates a new event (just like it does on a MIDI or audio track).
  • Double clicking while holding down a modifier key will create a new chord event and then immediately opens the chord editor.

Doesn’t alt-click work? Chords have no length so can’t work like midi parts/events

:man_facepalming: I hereby declare myself officially stupid… I’ve tested double click, Ctrl-click and whatnot, just not alt-click. That of course works.
Thank you, steve!

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