FR: Create volume automation with Range Selector

This may well have been asked before, but I feel it can be repeated: Would it be possible to implement something along the lines of the way one can do volume automation in Pro Tools, i.e. by selecting an area in the volume automation lane, say, a specific word on a vocal track, by using the Range Selector, and then simply drag the volume curve up/down for this area? Without having to first create automation points around the word and then drag those around? It would be such a time saver…

If this is already possible in Cubase, please enlighten me! :slight_smile:

Almost as good and sometimes even better than the pro tools solution is to cut out the section you want to adjust directly on the event (use the range tool and hit shift + x) and use the clip volume handle for that section. Don’t forget to crossfade, especially on stereo tracks on which you cannot utilize “snap to zero crossing”.

Otherwise you can use the line tool on the automation track, but unfortunately you cannot lock it in a straight horizontal position.


and you can also use the pencil to draw further refinements to the clip volume.

TwinOak: Thanks, yes, that is certainly easier than what I’ve been doing so far (creating automation points around the area, then dragging those up/down). But the Pro Tools solution just seems so intuitive and “streamlined”, IMHO. I’m very happy with Cubase in other respects (having been a loyal user since the Atari/Pro-24 days), but this is one area where I feel PT has an edge… for the time being. :wink:

Yess! Thank you, Bredo!! This works like a charm. This way I can even use my FaderPort to adjust the volume automation for the selected area.


I found this on youtube…

Check it out… I never thought of it, but I have to try it. Looks easier than how I was doing it before…


Thanks for that link, that’s a great method, I’ll be using it!

Another automation highlight in Cubase is a feature called “Volume Envelope Events”:
select the pencil tool and then click on an event, an envelope point appears and you can change the volume curve - and the waveformview is automatically updated.
Very nice and useful - and another big advantage over Pro Tools.

For normal and very fast trim editings (e.g. vocals) I prefer the solution of TwinOak:
_- cut out the section you want (Shortcut “ALT” or Com)

  • adjust directly on the event, use the clip volume handle for that section._
    advantage: the volume automation is not used (!), and is available for final mixing processes…


with v6.x you no longer need to do this as you can select the automation points and they then have their own ‘handle’ to pull down in a trim type way :slight_smile:


… PT has the same thing.

Reaper is probably the model in that regard, being advantageous over both, additionally having clip envelopes for Mute and Pitch I think.