FR: custom lyric numbers

When I’m writing through-composed lead sheets, I usually write all lyrics using “line 1,” since I don’t want to run the risk of some of them being vertically displaced if the end of one verse and the beginning of the next are on the same system.

In the past, to display the verse number at the start of each verse, I’ve simply added “1.” or “2.” etc, using a non-breaking space. But of course this messes up the alignment of the first syllable.

I really love the ability to display the verse number to the left of the first lyric. In the example below, I had to change the lyrics to line 3, and carefully keep track of casting off. Would it be possible to include an override toggle for the verse number display, so I could show whatever verse number I wish in front of the first lyric?


No, we’re unlikely to do this, I’m afraid. Use the correct line of lyrics and the provided property.

To flip the idea on its head, in that case, could there be user control (in Engraving Options?) over how lyric lines displace each other?
At the moment, achieving this is laborious:

given this is the default:

With all due respect, that’s not a viable solution to the use case I described. I then get this:

What’s Leo’s showing is exactly what I mean. At the moment, my only option is to avoid verse number completely, and add them manually.

I strongly agree with Dan and Leo, because there are many situations, when one does need control over the verse numbering. An easy one is when there are repeated verses and an other verse is following later on (as seen above). So let us please have the control over the numbering! And, yes I know there are workarounds, but they will always be workarounds for really common situations. Thanks to both of you Leo and Dan, because this little issue is really needed, while writing more modern “non-hymnal” scores with lyrics.

Psalm settings.

Oh man. Psalm settings. I deal with this all the time and have to fake it and it’s a pain. Thank God for non-breaking spaces, but I’m with Dan: it messes alignment up.

Frequently we use short psalm tones where one verse requires singing the psalm tone twice. As a result, the first half of verse 1 takes up line 1, and the second half takes up line 2. Now when I start to set verse 2, I’m actually using lyric line 3 and there is simply no way around it. Now I have to fake it. An override would be soooooo appreciated.

Also, the option to use custom text in place of (or in addition to) a verse number. I had a case where we had gospel acclamations for advent and I had “adv. 1, adv. 2,” etc. to indicate which liturgical week each verse corresponded to. This would also help with things like “1 & 4”.

I also sense a cognitive dissonance in allowing us to override rehearsal marker indexes but not verse numbers.

I agree with Leo; maybe control over the verse line vertical displacement is a way to tackle this situation.

That still wont work for me. How would you tackle this then? (This is VERY common.)

And here’s an example when custom text for verse numbers is useful. In this case each gospel acclamation verse is a different liturgical week during lent, so it makes more sense to label the week, rather than assign verse numbers.

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 8.23.03 AM.png

Here’s another case where custom text would be helpful. At the moment, I just use Shift-X, but a verse “number” would be much easier.

I know the conversation has come up before, though I can’t find it at the moment. Just another use case that would benefit from the ability to assign any custom number to a particular lyric line:

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