FR: Custom Repeat Ending Text

Feature request: the ability to edit the text shown on repeated sections. Specifically, I have a section for a soloist that is enclosed in repeat barlines. Instead of “play n times”, I want it to display “open for solos” (or some variation). I am aware I can setup custom repeat text in engraving options, but that affects the project globally, and I only need this single instance changed.

Unsure whether this is best solved but just allowing the user to edit the text, or a dedicated option in the properties panel for open repeats (which could be customized in engraving options). The latter seems more inline with Dorico’s philosophy.

For now I have been using system text. This is tedious because it has to be placed at the beginning of the repeated section to avoid breaking multirests. I also have to manually place in in every (18) layout.

Thanks for the suggestion, which I’ve made a note of for future consideration.


An option to “Play until cue” would also be much appreciated… :wink:

Thx, Benji

If you are using System text (Alt-Shift-X) and not Staff Text (Shift-X) then it should appear in every layout without it needing to be manually placed. (Manually positioned is another issue, as System Text is often a larger type size than Staff Text, but Dorico only has one vertical positioning setting for text.) I usually do some sort of variant on the following:

Alt-Shift-X text at the beginning stating “Open for Solos,” “Vamp 'til Cue,” or whatever, then either “On cue” with Alt-Shift-X text on the next section, or endings as shown. Ending text can be “Last x,” “on cue,” “going on!,” or whatever you want.